We had a neighborhood ice cream social this past Sunday. We live on a street that is not a cul-de-sac, but has no outlet. There are about 45 homes. We made fliers and I walked around the neighborhood with my dog, distributing one to each home. We invited everyone to bring their dogs.

Everyone considered the ice cream social a success! Only a couple of people brought their dogs, and they were well received. Several people did need or want the sugar-free or lactose-free options and seemed to really appreciate having them available. Several neighbors said we should make it an annual event, and some said we could have it at their yard some year. One man came, who is quite disabled, who no one in the neighborhood had ever met before; even people who have lived here for years and take walks around the neighborhood often. He seemed to enjoy himself and everyone enjoyed visiting with him. Altogether we estimated about 40 people attended.

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